eSign Online Contract Signing Application

eSign Online Contract Signing Application

eSign from Vanguard Systems allows your organization to send contracts via email for signature, and supports legally-binding approvals digitally. Our solution will mark and require a variety of input fields to be completed with relevant data as well as capture an authorization signature to allow you to get to work. Stop waiting for weeks on legal approvals and paper signatures. Get to work sooner and make customers happier with a platform that supports signatures from anywhere on almost any modern device. The eSign platform also automatically archives executed contractors in the Vanguard ECM, allowing for quick and easy retrieval of the documents that are most important to your business.

Legally Binding Contracts Signed Digitally

Legal compliance and contract satisfaction are important to every business, but are especially critical for field service companies. As we move to the digital age and your teams interact with customers at their locations, your office and everywhere in between, you need a contract system that follows you and relies on the devices you already have. Vanguard eSign doesn’t allow a document to be marked as complete until are forms and fields are filled in, so you are sure everything is in order before execution of the contract begins. eMobile’s format validation feature identifies required fields and ensures the correct type of data – like social security number, phone number, address & more – has been input, before allowing the form to be marked as complete. Our recording of signature data with a variety of receipt and time stamps also provides you with some added protection and risk mitigation. It’s better than any handshake or hand-signed document because both parties can see a wide range of information.

Improve Customer Support with Easy Contract Signing

You’ll also be able to improve your brand image by making it easier for people to work with you. Make your contract process simpler and more convenient with software that allows you, your employees and customers, to sign wherever they are. Plus, you can quickly resolve issues or concerns by sharing a unified document. Enhance your customer service with a clear, straightforward process that can be used for contracts your customers must sign as well as any documents they need you to sign. Our goal is to make contracting easier, less costly and less risky. We think this online contract signing application is the perfect tool because it can collect and store documents as well as signatures, making it easier to find contracts without sifting through thousands of emails or giant stacks of paper. Plus, you can tell your customer they’re saving money too thanks to reduced labor costs around finding and signing documents plus reduced mail costs. Skip certified mail and go right to verified contracts with the most convenient solution around. Electronic contracts and signature capture can also be added to your overall marketing efforts when customers start to tell you how easy and convenient it is to work with you. If you’re marketing your “green” capabilities, you can also tout a reduction in hundreds or thousands of printed pages each year thanks to new digital contracts. Not only are you eliminating waste and its associated costs, but you’re also doing it for the right reasons. Protect your business and the planet at the same time with eSign.

Beyond Contract Support

If you like our eSign platform for contract signatures and verification, you’ll love it for the related quote system. Using the same platform, you can create quotes and send them out to customers, team members or other approving authorities to secure a legally binding signature. Keep your operations running with expected costs and no scope creep by using eSign to generate and request binding bids that are followed up with secure contracts. Using the same system for both allows for greater transparency and easier record keeping for each project and contract you run this year. Use a proven email system that allows authorized parties to sign and share documents as needed, decreasing the cost of doing business. Plus, you can ensure quotes are reliable and quick by reducing authorization timelines around document delivery. Need more information? Resend quotes and requests with a click of the mouse, plus track aging quotes to note when things change. Come and discover how easy eSign can be and how much your customers will enjoy a direct process that creates records for them, too. Get a taste with a free demonstration from Vanguard Systems.


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