Human Resources and Employee Onboarding Software

Human Resources and Employee Onboarding Software

Make new hire paperwork simple with eSign from Vanguard Systems.

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Human resource managers need all the help they can get with onboarding new employees. With an ever-growing number of documents to sign and handbook pages to review, it can get a little complicated. That’s why we’ve designed eSign to make it simple to gather all the information necessary to complete new hire paperwork plus verification for initial activities from signing up for health insurance to verifying they read the handbook and accepted all your policies.

Speed Up Your Onboarding Process

It’s easy to miss something as you jump between 401(k) forms and federally required tax documents, making it necessary for HR professionals to review many documents by hand to protect their company. eSign automates the acceptance and verification process, and will not allow a document to be marked as complete unless required fields are complete. Additionally, enabling format validation can boost data integrity to ensure the right kind of information is entered into the correct fields. eSign quickly ensures everything is in the right order, so you can focus on the important tasks of acclimating new talent to their roles and your company culture. Automate what you can safely and securely and require HR managers to review only what they need. And we’ll put it all in a digitally linked system so there’s no hunting for paperwork or scans or misplaced documents that could lead to regulatory or legal troubles.

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Make the Perfect First Impression

Employee onboarding with Vanguard eSign helps you make the best first impression with every new hire. Your staff can fill out and sign off on all onboarding documents at their convenience via email, computer, phone or tablet. Almost any device they have or that you give them can be supported. Our onboarding tools also allow employees to save a copy of their documents with a single click, making them accessible at any point in the future. They can keep benefit statements or your HR manual with them at all times, making them feel secure and making them more accountable for your internal practices.

Compliant and Protected

The eSign system also improves accuracy, compliance and consistency across documentation and your larger HR efforts. Together we’ll completely eliminate the possibility of administrative staff keypunch errors in your most important documents. Plus, the system ensures all new hires receive the same form for the current year and that no packet is missing any vital information. Lastly, we’ll help you promote consistency across geographically dispersed locations as well as for all your new staff. Avoid discrimination concerns and risks by having a uniform package that will reach everyone.

Finish Your Processes With Ease

Signing HR and onboarding documentation is only the first part of the process. Your HR managers then need to fill, collect, distribute and take other actions depending on the information and your industry. eSign can prompt those activities and provide direct reminders of requirements so your team takes every necessary step. We know someone must do something with these documents. You tell us who that person is and what they need to do and eSign will help make sure it happens in a reliable and simple workflow. Ensure that the process ends when all tasks are accomplished instead of when the next round of paperwork comes in and your HR manager gets overwhelmed or forgets a last step.

Features of the eSign Process

The larger eSign platform is an electronic signature service that operates via email and digital devices to eliminate all the paper in your processes. Your staff simply selects the forms that need to be sent to each new hire or to employees in specific target groups when policies are updated. Generate a form in eSign to make it compliant through uploads, form designers and importation or existing regulatory forms like I-9s, W-2s and W-4s. Have a company form you like? Simply import it and denote the forms and regions that are required to be filled in. When a document is signed and returned, eSign will automatically collect data from the forms and upload it to your HRIS application, eliminating the data entry elements from many common HR practices. If a form is incomplete or you need an updated item, eSign will help you determine gaps and make it easy to send the form back to individuals so you can get exactly what you need completed. All required form fields must be populated in order for the form to be signed. Plus, we have a variety of options that will trigger based on the age of the initial signature or input. It’s the perfect way to automate the retrieval of forms you need filled out each year to stay in proper compliance. Plus, you can perform the same request each year no matter how your company size changes. See all of these amazing functions in action with a free demo or learn more with our information sheet.

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