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There’s a clear move in the business world towards all-digital business processes. Electronic, automated processes allow the kind of efficiency that old-fashioned, paper-focused processes simply cannot. One of the areas where a digital solution is clearly called for is signature capture software. Our E-Sign system fills process automation gaps left by your system by allowing your customers and clients to digitally sign documents, proposals and more. An electronic signature system is composed of software to sign documents electronically, which has a whole host of benefits for your company’s security, organization and efficiency. So how do you get an electronic signature on your documents? Vanguard Systems’ eSign software offers an elegant solution to electronic contract signing and related electronic signature service applications.

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Benefits of the E-Sign Software Electronic Signature System

While having the functionality for capturing signatures electronically rather than having to sign documents by hand may seem trivial, when you dig deeper you can easily see how the benefits add up. These benefits include:

Hard Cost Savings Without e-signature software, every time anyone in your company needs to sign a document, they need to print it out, sign it, scan it, then send it to its next destination, where, if it needs to be co-signed, the next person must repeat the whole process. Over the course of a year, that’s a massive amount of paper that’s completely wasted — paper you don’t have to buy if you have an electronic signature service. In fact, your electronic signature application may pay for itself just in paper and ink savings.

Labor Cost Savings Hand-signed documents require manual processing, which means part of your labor force is lost while those documents are going through the system, whether it’s a sales rep who can’t do their job until they chase down the proper signature, a mailroom employee who needs to deliver something personally so it can be hand-signed, or a manager who needs to readjust his schedule because someone forgot to get a necessary signature.

Error Reductions Those missed or forgotten signatures that cause delays? They don’t happen when you have Vanguard Systems’ eSign electronic document signing software. They can’t happen, because Vanguard eSign won’t allow you to treat a document as complete until all data entry fields are filled in. As in most areas, humans will often make errors that computer software won’t.

Exposure Reduction Not only are signatures produced by eSign electronic signatures software legally binding, but they also, in many cases, can offer more legal protection than a simple hand-signed document without an electronic record, meaning a potentially better chance to avoid litigation and to produce necessary documentation when required by outside parties.

Convenience A company with software that allows you to sign a document by electronic signature is more convenient for employees and customers, but also for clients whose signature you may require, resulting in an overall improved experience for everyone involved.

Eco-Friendliness Using electronic signatures software is also good for the environment, since it drastically reduces the amount of paper your business wastes on a yearly basis.

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