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Employee onboarding can be one of the most important times in a new hire’s career, setting the groundwork for their success in your organization. A great deal of this process involves paperwork to collect information from the new hire for integration with the system. Some of the biggest problems, however, come when a business doesn’t use automation in their onboarding process.

From poor handwriting to missing or mistaken information, new hire information sheets may be problematic for filing, resulting in data entry mistakes. Filling out these sheets is also time-consuming and frustrating for new employees, especially in the all-too-common event of a missing form. While necessary, this step of the onboarding process can be frustrating for everyone involved.

Make it easier with a software solution to ease the onboarding process. That’s where Vanguard employee onboarding software can help.

With Vanguard employee onboarding software, new hire paperwork is largely automated, completed using digital forms that fill out automatically as the new hire completes them. Easier to manage and quicker to complete, Vanguard employee self-onboarding software is the best resource available for improving the onboarding process.

What Is Employee Onboarding Software?

Employee onboarding software is a digital resource designed to make it easier for new employees to complete employment paperwork. This often includes federal, state and local tax forms, direct deposit information, emergency contact information and network access paperwork, among other forms.

The system prompts the user through each document, progressing from required data entry to signature field. Once finished and verified, the system automatically populates the data to your HRIS system, eliminating the time associated with data entry and errors.

Why Vanguard Onboarding Software?

Vanguard offers an employee onboarding system that allows new hires to fill out and sign all onboarding documents directly from their email on their PC, phone or tablet, making the onboarding process easier than ever. The system sends all pertinent forms over email for the employee to fill out. The employee can then fill out all necessary forms and save any copies of their own with a few clicks of the button.

The key features of the Vanguard onboarding software include:

  • eSign: This is a simple yet effective program that takes actionable documents and emails them to the target party, eliminating paper from the process. The eSign system identifies mandatory fillable fields for the receiver, captures all entered data and populates it to any pertinent fields on separate files to minimize data re-entry. The eSign system also allows the receiver to sign the document on a tablet, PC or smartphone without downloading extra software.
  • Form Organization: The Vanguard onboarding system sends any finished forms to the company’s HR software, marking each form as complete as it is logged by the eSign program. If any forms are still unaccounted-for after the new hire’s start date, the system will automatically resend the missing form for completion.

Benefits of Electronic Employee Onboarding

This system is a highly organized one, improving the overall experience for both your new hires and your HR department by:

  • Minimizing Labor: Wrangling paper, scanning, organizing, emailing printing and filing forms is an exhausting process, and following it all up with data entry just adds to the amount of labor involved. Eliminate it all by switching to an entirely digital process.
  • Maintaining Accuracy: By eliminating the possibility for bad handwriting and incorrect data entry, your business ensures that your data is as correct and accurate as possible. This accuracy is improved by the fact that the system automatically ensures all new hires get the same forms no matter how widely dispersed your locations might be.
  • Improving Security: Paper isn’t always a secure method of communication. Forms sent home with new hires can easily get lost or stolen, as can filed forms, putting your business and your new hires at risk. By digitizing the process, you improve security for both your company and your new employees.
  • Increasing Productivity: By making sure data is entered correctly the first time, your electronic new hire paperwork improves the productivity of both your new hire and your HR department. Instead of scrambling to find missing pieces of paperwork or data, both groups can focus on their jobs, improving their overall productivity.
  • Impressing Employees: When you cut down the time it takes to finish onboarding paperwork, you make a great impression on your new employees, encouraging them in their first few days on the job and setting the foundations for a dedicated workforce.

These benefits all serve to help reduce employee turnover and maximize revenues, which will help your business grow and thrive. No matter your business size or the industry you work in, Vanguard can help — we’ve worked with enterprise-level insurance companies and local manufacturing businesses alike, and all have experienced these benefits firsthand. Let us help you improve your onboarding processes, too.

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See How Vanguard Systems Software Works Today

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