Expand the reach of your office with Vanguard Systems’ mobile data collection and workforce document management app, eMobile.

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Increase Efficiency in the Field

Vanguard Systems and digital technology have massively increased workplace efficiency while making paperwork all but a thing of the past. A byproduct of this is expanding the reach of your office, making it easy for employees and executives to perform necessary business directives from their desktops and laptops at home or in other remote locations. Vanguard Systems’ mobile data collection and workforce document management app, eMobile, allows you to take this idea to the next logical step with complete mobile phone ECM integration.

With this field service management software, your employees in the field can stay there no matter what is required of them, performing virtually all needed functions from their phone, tablet or other mobile device. Just like using Vanguard Systems’ standard ECM service, this mobile workforce document management system takes every work order from inception to completion completely through digital space, making the information instantly accessible via mobile device to every employee who needs it, and sending the work to the device of the relevant staff member as needed throughout the process.

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Getting Started With eMobile Is Easy

eMobile is the most versatile of mobile workforce management solutions, easily integrating with your existing legacy apps and functional on both iOS and Android system devices, so there is no need to synchronize devices among your employees. As long as they have the app and are registered to use it, they’re part of the system. This is a comprehensive end-to-end solution for all of your paperwork needs in a completely digital, completely mobile space.

eMobile does more than just usher paperwork from employee to employee. It also easily performs all the important functions you need and expect from a quality enterprise content management system, including:

  • Signature capture
  • Photo / image capture
  • Barcode scanning
  • Price book access
  • Geotagging
  • Billable time tracking
  • Form creation
  • Time stamping

With eMobile from Vanguard Systems, anywhere your field personnel have a smartphone or tablet with or without an internet connection becomes your office, whether it’s downtown Manhattan or the rural plains. There’s never any need to print anything out, just create the order and send it on through cyberspace down the line to the next mobile office. And because it all happens so fast and everything is included, same-day invoicing is not only possible but a likely outcome.

Once the final person in the chain completes the task from their device, the system automatically sends an email to the executing party letting them know the task is complete and it’s okay to invoice. You can use eMobile for proof of delivery, inspections, work / service orders, warranty services, and more.

This field service management software allows you to scan barcodes, collect signatures, capture pictures and more, leading to faster completion, better organization, fewer errors, happier customers and, of course, less paper.

eMobile Reduces or Eliminates Common Business Challenges

The more paperwork you have, the more opportunities there are for errors. Documents can get logged incorrectly, go to the wrong department or disappear entirely. When you move to a digital Enterprise Content Management solution, all those paperwork errors go away, not to mention all the clutter caused by mountains of paper and all the printers, copiers and file cabinets needed to manage them. eMobile also creates a higher level of accountability, as each employee’s interaction with the document flow is meticulously tracked and recorded.

In addition, use of a mobile workforce management app like eMobile speeds up your process in ways you could not have imagined. If you thought the increase in speed and efficiency of being able to email an employee rather than having to wait until they show up to their desk and find their paperwork was impressive, you won’t believe how fast sending the documentation directly to their mobile device will make things. Being able to access workflow from a remote location is one thing, but knowing the necessary documentation will get to your employee virtually immediately when it is ready for them to handle it no matter where they might be is quite another.

See How Vanguard Systems Software Works Today

The best way to see how Vanguard Systems software works to protect and maximize the efficiency of your business is to see it in action for yourself. We want every business to be able to benefit from our services, so we’re happy to offer a free, no-risk, no-obligation demonstration of what we can do. To schedule your demo or discuss any of our software applications, call (610) 891-7703 or contact us online now.