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Streamline Your Business Processes

Forms are an essential part of business processes, but creating and preparing them is a time-consuming task. The solution for most companies today is an electronic form processing system. With the right processing and generating solution, this cumbersome task becomes quicker and more efficient.

Vanguard EliteForm provides a complete solution for form processing. EliteForms is an all-in-one software form solution, combining form generator software and form printing software. EliteForms saves your business’ printing costs by enabling you to find and print system-generated documents from your company’s ERP application. It also keeps your forms archived in the Vanguard ECM for easy access.

As a whole, this award-winning electronic form solution enables companies to reduce waste and labor costs while improving productivity and increasing revenue.

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Vanguard EliteForm Integration Software

Vanguard EliteForm integrates easily into your workflows with the following versatile tools and capabilities:

  • User-friendly pop-up menus for navigation
  • Easy output data linking using Field IDs
  • Create documents easily with a variety of format and printing options
  • Unlimited conditional calls for document formats, including logo and signature definitions
  • Route documents to destinations based on business rules
  • Call outside programs to include data that isn’t included in the original output file
  • Segment a data file into smaller files based on user-defined conditions in the data file
  • Select images from anywhere on the network for inclusion in a form
  • Build formats with borders and grids to give raw output data a more polished appearance
  • Shorten report outputs by suppressing blank lines and using custom tables
  • Resizable barcode integration available through the Vanguard EliteBar module
  • Create labels to print on PCL5e laser printers or Zebra printers
  • E-document API automates document processing and merging
  • ASCII pass-through allows merged documents to be printed to any PCL5e-compatible network laser printer
  • Secure MICR laser check writing solution with Vanguard EliteCheck
  • EliteMail automated email integration, allowing you to automatically send emails from your host system to any number of recipients

Benefits of the EliteForm Suite

With EliteForm, you gain workflow integrations that save you time, money and materials. By transitioning your forms to a completely electronic system with automated form generation software, your business can create more accurate, more secure documents that are more quickly and easily accessed.

Just a few of the benefits the EliteForm Suite provides include the following:

Improved Security:

Printed forms don’t just waste paper — printed forms are easily lost, misfiled, copied or stolen, presenting a security risk. With the Vanguard EliteForm Suite, you get improved security with top-level encryption and complete organizational options.

Enhanced Functionality:

The complete Vanguard EliteForm system provides a wide range of form-related capabilities, including the ability to create and manage custom forms, laser forms and checks with MICR toner, ACH processing, barcode label printing and automatic email and fax functions through the EliteFax and EliteMail modules.

Reduced Inefficiencies:

No more printing, stuffing envelopes or purchasing postage. With EliteForm, you get a system that integrates with your current workflows and keeps everything in an electronic format. Not only does this save you and your employees valuable time, but it also reduces paper usage and waste, which saves you money.

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By now, the many benefits of Vanguard’s EliteForm Suite may have piqued your interest, but this is truly only the beginning of what you can accomplish with the EliteForm suite. See the program in action today by scheduling a free, no-obligation demonstration of our software. We’ll show you what our system can accomplish so you can make the best choice for you and your business.

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