Portable Briefcase

Portable Briefcase

When your business relies on document organization, you need an Enterprise Content Management system that can handle your content with efficiency. But what happens when you need to share certain files with a customer, partner or auditor without interrupting your business operations or allowing them full access to your system? This is where the Vanguard ECM Portable Briefcase comes in.

This closed version of the Vanguard ECM replicates a subset of the documents in your system for export to a smaller version of the system. This smaller version can be stored on a network folder, mapped drive, flash drive or even an optical disk to maximize mobility.

Features of the Portable Briefcase

The Vanguard Portable Briefcase replicates many of the same functions as the full version of the ECM, creating a self-contained imaging system that features the following capabilities:

  • Document viewer, with full capabilities to see scanned documents in many formats.
  • The Portable Briefcase can be moved to a shared network folder, UNC, mapped drive or physical media such as a flash drive or optical disk.

Why Choose Vanguard Portable Briefcase?

Vanguard Portable Briefcase adds another layer of functionality to your ECM capabilities. With Portable Briefcase, your business can benefit from:

System Security: One of the best things about the Portable Briefcase is the fact that it is a closed system. The Portable Briefcase merely replicates the current system — it does not allow access to the original. This way, any alterations to the saved content won’t negatively affect system workflows.

It also means that those you give the Portable Briefcase to won’t be able to access your full ECM, even if they somehow get hold of the proper permissions.

Expanded Access: With Vanguard Systems’ security, you can feel safe giving out a subset of your documents to third parties. Instead of letting them access your full system, you can give third-party groups only as much information as you want them to know. This makes it a perfect tool for sharing documents with clients, partners and auditors.

Sustained Functionality: With the same document retrieval and search options as the full ECM, Portable Briefcase makes it easy for the user to find the documents they’re looking for, minimizing frustration and expediting their searches.

Find Out More About Vanguard ECM Capabilities

Vanguard ECM is designed to work for businesses of any size and industry, with functions that benefit businesses regardless of the number of documents they handle in the day to day. From the Portable Briefcase to Full-Text-Search capabilities, Vanguard ECM offers functions and features that enhance business efficiency and productivity.

On top of its suite of functions, Vanguard ECM is also scalable, user-friendly and platform-agnostic, making it easy to integrate our document management system into any business framework.

If you’re interested in learning more about Vanguard Systems’ ECM and Portable Briefcase, you can see the software in action for yourself. We offer a free, no-risk, no-obligation demonstration that allows you to experience the benefits of the Vanguard ECM service. To schedule your demo, ask questions or learn more about Vanguard ECM, call 800-445-1418 or contact us online today.


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