Electronic Document Retrieval System

Electronic Document Retrieval System

Our ECM software includes a comprehensive document retrieval, allowing your pre-scanned documents to seamlessly enter your workflows.

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Streamline Document Management

Vanguard Systems’ Enterprise Content Management software offers a complete solution for business document management, including a comprehensive document retrieval system. More than ever, companies need pre-scanned documents to enter their workflows immediately. This often involves quick retrieval of closed files.

While some small organizations handling few documents are content using Windows Explorer to locate their documents, any businesses working with more substantial document loads can find severe limitations in this system. Businesses often need to cross-reference documents and search for specific topics in their document collection, which is next to impossible with a simple Explorer-type system.

Vanguard Systems’ ECM information retrieval system is different.

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Document Retrieval System Capabilities

Vanguard Systems’ electronic document storage and retrieval system offers multiple methods to retrieve documents from its database. These include:

  • Application Integration: Vanguard’s non-programmable interface allows access to documents directly from any core application screen with a click of the mouse. This interface monitors legacy application screens, enabling users to access documents pertaining to the onscreen transaction.
  • Users can open documents either in their original file format or in the Vanguard viewer.
  • Annotation Features: Redact, highlight, add notes and annotate documents with image files, like signature captures or custom stamps.
  • Email documents directly from the viewer or folder.
  • Vanguard Explorer: Search directly through the ECM repository using advanced search capabilities to locate desired documents.
  • Vanguard Web: Access your collection of documents through Vanguard’s web portal and search through documents easily using key values or global search options.

Why Choose Vanguard Document Retrieval?

By now, the benefits of Vanguard’s ECM document retrieval system to your business should be apparent. But what we’ve listed above is only the beginning of what Vanguard’s ECM can accomplish:

Easy Integration:

Vanguard’s ECM workflow systems are platform-agnostic, meaning it integrates easily with your existing file management applications. Regardless of the type of software you use or the type of business you run, our ECM document retrieval system can help you achieve a new level of functionality.

Improved Access:

With plenty of retrieval options at your disposal, it takes less time than ever to access your document. Additionally, the Vanguard web portal allows you access from just about anywhere without moving hardware.

Optimal Communication:

Annotation capabilities maximize your ability to communicate ideas with your team — even team members viewing documents through the web browser.

Approved Invoices:

All the Enterprise Content Management tools in the Vanguard system, including our electronic document retrieval system tools, are designed to be user-friendly for even the newest employees, unlike other software applications.

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