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What’s an ECM? It’s an Enterprise Content Management system — a complete solution for business content management. The best ECM software allows you to virtually manage all your business files and documentation digitally.

From records management to accounts payable, and document storage solutions to content management workflow, the right document content management software does it all.

Vanguard ECM (IMS/21) for Business

Content management programs from Vanguard offer everything you need in an ECM company. Our ECM system is a complete solution that saves you money while increasing your efficiency, all at a price that fits within your budget. Other ECM companies may offer solutions to large companies, but we focus on providing elite document solutions to companies both large and small.

And we can do it, because our ECM workflow systems are platform-agnostic, meaning we offer a document management system that integrates easily with your current file management system. You’ll have no difficulty getting up and running with our ECM, whether your application software is in ERP, HR, the financial sector, manufacturing, healthcare, insurance or some other industry or area.

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Content and Document Management for Businesspeople, by Businesspeople

Even better, our Enterprise Content Management tools are designed to be business user-friendly. Unlike software from some other companies, our Enterprise Content Management system software was designed by businesspeople for businesspeople. Expert programmers helped, of course, but ultimately our software was made with the people who are going to be using it in mind, making it simple to operate and making sure it addresses the problems faced in today’s business climate.

Our web document management system easily turns the documents that you scan or import into the system into usable, easily accessible data, and just as easily turns application transaction data into the documents you need. You’ll enjoy easy e-document management that lets you access your documents from your company’s business application software or through Vanguard’s powerful Document Explorer, if you prefer.

Corporate Document Management for a Better World

When you take on Vanguard’s Enterprise Content Management System, you start on the important road toward making your document management workflow entirely digital. Not only will this be a huge boon for the efficiency of your business, as the human element in any workflow process tends to slow things down, raise costs and increase errors, but it will also do something important for the environment.

Once your document and content management is entirely paperless, you can take pride in knowing that your company has made a huge contribution to conservation efforts, not to mention the money your company will save every year on paper and ink costs.

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Support Your Compliance Initiatives With Security and Identity Protection

Today, every industry must meet regulations and standards set by overseeing organizations and laws, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), Department of Transportation (DOT) and Energy Policy Act of 2005. Whether you’re a part of the healthcare, retail, energy, transportation, manufacturing, finance or government sector, we can assist you with documentation related to compliance for your industry.

Our enterprise content management tools serve as a support to your compliance initiatives, providing you with a platform to digitize your records and designate user access levels, as well as track the journey of your documents through your company. Plus, you can search and find your files in seconds, eliminating the hassle and stress of losing a valuable record during an internal or external audit.

Reduce Your Data Entry Times With Smart Data Extraction

At Vanguard Systems, we may be your enterprise content management system provider, but we understand the necessity for an ECM system that’s for business people — not master-level tech gurus. That’s why we’ve engineered an ECM software that provides intelligent data extraction that’s zero hassle for your team to learn. Instead of spending an afternoon of uploading one to two documents to Vanguard ECM, you can do much more in that timeframe.

With optical character recognition (OCR), our business content management system can convert your physical document to a digital file with precise accuracy. That helps your staff make the most of their day, allowing them to maximize their workday and target detail-intensive tasks instead of simple data entry. Plus, you eliminate the expense of replacing lost paper documents.

Improve Your Productivity With Seamless User Interface

Paper documents are becoming more and more inefficient for companies and employees. Now, workers are spending 20 to 40 percent of their time looking for missing paper documents that would be readily accessible through our enterprise content management system. Once you upload the documents, team members with the appropriate clearance can view, approve and search for files via the user-friendly document search tools or directly from business application screens.

Our ECM software offers several different search variables, such as subject, document, account number, name, address, phone number and more. With the addition of full-text search, you can access a comprehensive search engine that lets you find in-demand documents with ease through more than two dozen text search options that explore both your electronic and scanned documents.

Discover Your Potential ECM System Savings From Fellow Companies

Companies adopting our ECM system have found that it delivers measurable results. A few examples of organizations benefiting from our business content management system include:

  • Joshen Paper: As a chemical and packaging supplier with a large number of locations, Joshen Paper was producing tens of thousands of documents each month — but not anymore. The business partnered with us, looking for an easy-to-learn, cost-effective and scalable solution that a company could deploy without delay. After implementing our enterprise content management tools, Joshen Paper noticed an immediate difference. In fact, they estimate they’re saving more than $25,000 a year when it comes to staffing and $50,000 when it comes to supplies.
  • Teknion: With an expected growth of 40 percent each year, Teknion knew it couldn’t keep up with the paper that came with providing a lifetime warranty for its office furnishings. Before choosing our business content management system, the Teknion team was storing and retrieving documents from five different buildings. After adopting our ECM system, Teknion noticed an immediate difference. Their expenses dropped, while their turnaround time for back charges improved. Plus, they could fulfill requests for duplicate invoices in a click.

With our enterprise content management system software, you can tighten up your company’s operations, optimizing your day-to-day tasks and maximizing your profits.

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By now, the many benefits of Vanguard’s ECM document management system solutions should be clear, and we’ve really only scratched the surface of what’s possible with quality ECM management. But we know that the only way to truly know what this powerful document management tool can do for you is to see it in action. And you can. Just call us today at 800-445-1418 or contact us online to schedule a free demonstration. We’ll show you just what we’ve got so you can make the right choice today to let Vanguard Systems take your Enterprise Content Management to the next level.