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Benefits of ECM for Retailers

Retail is one of the fastest moving and most lucrative industries in the world. With FMCG, CPG and fast fashion dominating growth sectors, it’s time for a retail ECM that can keep up with it all. That’s why Vanguard Systems’ ECM for retail brands and their partners is built to be a single platform to help you capture data and forms, manage content, automate processes, improve workflows, and deliver it all to mobiles and field devices, exactly how you need it. We’ll give your staff at every level access to the right information they need to manage operations and teams more effectively, with support for customer collaboration when you decide it’s appropriate. Rules-based management tools ensure you’ll have a more efficient retail workflow that improves your processes, removes paperwork and allows you to focus on service.

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Manage Your Inventory and Expenses

Vanguard ECM’s retail document management tools capture all the information you need to handle and understand your inventory and location operations, making it easier to budget for your expenses.

By taking photos of orders as they arrive to document any damage, you’ll be prepared with any information you should relay to customers or partners. You’ll also have proof if any inventory items are already damaged when they arrive at your facility.

Data from past years is often helpful when you’re deciding how much of a certain product to stock in your inventory. Our software provides you with all the information you need in one location, so you can run your analysis and projections to forecast sales and costs in coming quarters. Knowing your bills today and understanding what you’re likely to sell tomorrow makes it much easier to properly adjust your business and maximize efforts.


Protect Credit Applications to Help Ensure Compliance

Retail ECM needs to be extremely secure since you’re often holding and using credit information for your customers. This includes large enterprises that make repeat orders to individual credit applications from retail stores. If you’ve got multiple locations spread throughout the U.S., that system needs to be even stronger to reduce the likelihood of failure at any given point. Vanguard ECM follows federal regulatory requirements and gives you direct control to limit access and put customer details behind locked doors — in fact, you can set controls based on user, project, document type, position and other metrics. Plus, we support full encryption during transmission and storage, so your database can be protected all the time. If you offer credit card applications or store credit, you can use our eSign and eMobile tools to safely capture this information and quickly approve new customers.

Reduce Paper Costs

Retail environments move too fast for paper. Looking for documents in cabinets and back offices can only increase the time it takes to make a sale, complete a contract or resolve a dispute. Digitize invoices, inventory, employee records, receipts and other important info, so everyone has immediate access when they need it. With digitized documents, you can turn a 60-minute hunt for information into a smart, reliable 10-second search. Retail workflow automation solutions can improve your business by removing paperwork and capturing information directly from the source digitally, or with photos. Decrease costs by cutting out paper with our document management solutions for retail operations.

Improve HR and Onboarding

Retail, in general, has a large and consistent turnover. Not only are most businesses seasonal, but the age of the workforce coincides with frequent relocations, life changes and much more. This means you need to optimize the time it takes to onboard new hires. Vanguard’s retail documentation management tools allow you to do this and more by creating a clean and clear platform to share all information, capture approvals and signatures and record documents on phones, tablets and other devices. You can also upload this information directly to your HRIS application, eliminating any errors associated with manual data entry processes. Free up your HR to run background checks, work with existing employees and build a company culture that’s consistent at every location. You may be working more with managers than individual HR professionals at your retail locations, so the simpler the process, the more likely it will be followed completely and successfully. Plus, you can insert questions and verification options to make sure new hires have read through documents and aren’t just signing their name at the back of a paper booklet.

Increase Sales, Reduce Costs and Save Money

Route jobs and processes seamlessly through optimal workflow stages to maximize opportunity and efficiency with our retail ECM. Whether you’re looking to improve your inventory and warehousing, contract management, accounts payable or customer service, we have the tools to speed up your actions. Learn how you can improve your retail operations by contacting us now.

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