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Streamline Your Business Processes With ECM

Every manufacturer can feel like a papermill simply because of the sheer quantity of documents they create, print, store, share and use. It’s time to reduce that waste and generate a variety of time and cost savings with a robust ECM for manufacturing systems.

Vanguard Systems offers manufacturers a way to manage workflow automation, documentation, signatures and much more in a suite of tools built with you in mind. Vanguard Systems’ manufacturing document management suite includes support for the common warehousing practices your business relies on every day. As a complete solution, manufacturing ECM allows you to track and record all documents your operations use and must keep for compliance purposes.

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Vanguard’s ECM Options

We’ve designed an easy-to-integrate platform that allows you to manage traditional lot data, product information, inventory documentation, as well as more unique data such as chemical sheets and hazmat information. Vanguard Systems’ ECM and eMobile platform can also assist in tracking raw materials and components you use in your operations. Our innovative photo-capturing tools allow you to reduce your receipts for damaged goods and related liability. Therefore, materials remain in top quality and products are not damaged as they leave your warehouse. Introducing us to your manufacturing workflow can help you reduce costs and liability, putting everything into a single PDF that’s easy to find and share.

Increasing Quality by Automating Processes

Each day, manufacturers deal with a considerable number of transactions, and the corresponding documents are nearly impossible to track manually. Document Management and Workflow Automation from Vanguard Systems can help you:

  • Manage documentation – including supporting documents, order information, receipts and more, making it easier to find and reference them in the future
  • Streamline Accounting – our accounting automation add-on tools are designed to make documents like purchase orders, invoices, contracts & more flow seamlessly through your accounting software. Bring invoices and purchase orders into the same location as all the related compliance, insurance and technical documents so every party has the best information for each order, process or product.
  • Analyze business success – keeping your documents organized and ensuring your accounting numbers are correct is the best way to ensure – and measure – your business’s success over time.

Improving On-Site Compliance

How do you document and share your compliance requirements, audits and practices? Are you juggling multiple forms in multiple locations or a mix of digital and paper copies? If you needed your compliance documents right now, how long would it take you to get them together? Your business needs to meet federal and environmental regulations — you might also strive to attain ISO certifications, which are seen as competitive advantages. This only increases your need for visibility and clear compliance. We believe manufacturing document management practices prescribed by the Current Good Manufacturing Practices and other agencies can benefit all manufacturers. Vanguard’s manufacturing ECM ensures your documents are protected, allows you to flag items that need to be updated and can even track expired records to prevent regulatory issues. We make it easy for you to stay compliant, enhancing your operational effectiveness and security.

Managing Employee Volume and Turnover

Manufacturers are some of the largest job creators and providers nationwide. Unfortunately, like all large companies, there is the potential for elevated levels of turnover. That employee churn is always costly, but smart document management can help reduce that cost. Our document management software for manufacturing can automate some of your onboarding processes, especially our eSign capabilities. Not only will we provide all contract and hiring documents, but your HR teams can quickly make sure each new hire has the right healthcare information, 401(k) options, employee handbook and other agreements. Then, the employee’s information can be uploaded directly to your HRIS application, eliminating data entry and associated errors. This one-way workflow automation for manufacturing is the most streamlined and cost-efficient method — it moves through initial document signing for HR, directing reminders that ensure compliance is met, documents are captured, and all tasks are completed quickly, so your team can get to work.

Keeping Costs Under Control

Document management software for manufacturers like you is designed specifically to help you control operations, lower costs and boost your efficiency by lessening the amount of wasted time and inevitable human errors that occur at your facility. When you choose our services, we’ll be there, aiding accurate inventory control and production lines that keep rolling through your warehousing operations, as well as managing all the employees at each step. At the heart of Vanguard’s ECM solution for manufacturers is empowering you to run leaner, reduce costs and save money you can reinvest in your processes. You’ll get help reducing costs through smarter integration and fewer platforms, cloud support to reduce internal infrastructure, better tracking of your operations and the ability to generate reports that highlight business intelligence. Learn more about our manufacturing ECM today.

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The best way to see how Vanguard Systems software works to protect and maximize the efficiency of your business is to see it in action for yourself. We want every business to be able to benefit from our services, so we’re happy to offer a free, no-risk, no-obligation demonstration of what we can do. To schedule your demo or discuss any of our software applications, call (610) 891-7703 or contact us online now.