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Streamline Your Records Management

Traditional workflow automation for healthcare didn’t focus on managing healthcare-related documents, which created a paper legacy many are working to overcome today. Vanguard Systems’ goal is to make it easy for hospitals, medical practices, individual offices and specialist service providers to run efficient, profitable businesses that maintain compliance and patient safety. The more you rely on manual processes, the greater your risk of fraud, theft, abuse or misuse of patient data, and all the harms and costs associated with each — that’s where our automation tools come in.

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Patient Records Management

patient medical records formWhile healthcare operations are being pushed toward adopting electronic health records and digital results, there is still plenty of paper involved when interacting with patients. Not only do you have older records and information from other care providers, but there are also receipts, confidentiality agreements, payments, invoices, prescriptions and much more.

Healthcare ECM and document management tools are the best way to get all those documents under control. Vanguard ECM makes it simple to convert existing documents to a digital format, as well as to sort and file everything related to each patient together, adding them to your existing Electronic Health Records platform.

Our healthcare document management solution is platform-agnostic, built to easily integrate with current EHRs. So, not only will you get high-quality documents, but you’ll also get the reliable, fast document searching and retrieval features we offer all businesses.

Secure your documents in your own system— you can even permit access to specific staff members or other parties with our EHR-supporting ECM solutions for healthcare.


Hospital and Medical Accounting

Patient billing is complex. While we can’t simplify coding, or the hoops insurance companies try to make you jump through, we can ensure your documentation is complete, so payments can be approved faster. We provide your staff with the tools they need to verify processes and procedures — such as billing and coding — more efficiently. We can also help you achieve a more unified system that keeps accurate records, even if you’re working with two payees, such as a pharmacy and a laboratory, in separate locations. If you’re in a space that’s pushing outcome-based repayment models, Vanguard’s ECM for healthcare allows you to provide full reports that track patient progress past the time of discharge. Everything is collected in a single location and shareable if the partner has the right authority. That means you can generate individual patient data, as well as provide all compliance and claims information together, right when you need it.

Compliance and Reporting Capabilities

Vanguard’s healthcare document management tools and ECM are both designed to speed up your entire compliance and reporting processes. We can assist in digitizing your existing records, setting rules to limit who can see which records and moving your entire existing process to an online format. Smart-digital documents can be sorted and searched almost instantaneously, so you get the correct information and charts right when you need them. With stronger user and device support, this can include PCs finding their way into more practice rooms and clinician areas. Generating new reports takes mere minutes and can help you and your staff pinpoint errors, risks and patient needs with ease. Plus, everything is backed by a HIPAA-appropriate process, ensuring the protection of patient records and data. Our document management solutions for healthcare settings not only help you stay compliant, but they also provide you with additional rules and tips to keep your entire operation safe. Integrating our services into your healthcare workflow automation method ensures your confidential information is always secure.

Transportation and Inventory Controls

Manage the delivery of specimens, files, equipment, blood, tissue or anything else within a single solution. Our healthcare ECM can link up with your existing inventory control tools to serve as the keeper of records and capturer of signatures at the time any delivery is accepted. Using a combination of our eSign and eMobile tools will allow your complete ECM for healthcare to capture data when goods arrive, are processed or move between departments, prior to usage and verified as used when you do cycle or larger inventory counts. Give your team clear, concise procedures to follow to best monitor your equipment and keep an eye on medication, which is required by law and your insurance provider.

Healthcare HR Automation

Healthcare providers also face a range of challenges in their hiring and onboarding support, as well as a variety of HR needs whenever any issue arises. You must have some of the most extensive records to protect yourself from lawsuits and liability, as well as to find potential risks before they cause a problem. Turn to our ECM solutions for healthcare and ECM document management tools to automate as much of this process as possible, delivering the right forms for any situation. Documents can be verified as distributed, received and signed, maintaining adherence to important regulations and requirements. Then, any employee information can be uploaded to your HRIS directly, eliminating errors caused by manual data entry. When you onboard new staff or train existing teams on HIPAA and other updates, you can certify and verify the process in a way that satisfies auditors. Ask us about these innovative capabilities and more offered in our ECM solutions for healthcare providers and partners.

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