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Why Government Agencies Need ECM

As a government agency, you process a substantial amount of paperwork. Whether it’s deeds, meeting minutes, citations, zoning information or building permits, you’re reviewing, approving and organizing a variety of documents that need to be accessible to you and your staff. As many records are physical, rather than digital, it can lead to drops in productivity and increases in expenses, which is why our enterprise content management (ECM) solutions for government agencies offer automated, cost-effective remedies.

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Expedite Local and County Government Document Registration

Depending on your agency’s focus, you’re processing a variety of documents each day, such as building applications, traffic citations and zoning permits. In some cases, you’ll require applicants to file and submit a physical form for your team to process, which can lead to document loss along with the cost and challenge of storing physical documentation.

With our document management solutions for government agencies, your agency can make documents available online via Vanguard eSign. Whether your constituents are on their phone, tablet or computer, they’ll be able to fill out the designated form and return it to you at their convenience. The software will also make sure they complete all the necessary fields, with field validation before uploading the document to your ECM.

Streamline Law Enforcement Document Use and Sharing

For the courts, as well as law enforcement, it’s essential to share vital records that relate to citations, traffic violations, tickets and more. With our ECM for government agencies, as well as our full-text search feature, designated members of the judicial system can search for the appropriate document with ease, speeding up the process of resolving a ticket.

Improve Management of Public and Private Documents

Due to the volume of documentation passing through your agency, it’s critical to implement an organizational solution that’s feasible for the long-term. That’s why document management software for government agencies is becoming a standard, as your staff needs to protect any sensitive information provided through these papers, as well as ensure they’re accessible at a moment’s notice.

Our ECM for government agencies delivers on each of those needs. It’s straightforward and hassle-free for your staff to upload a physical document to the system, as our ECM includes integrated scanning software that supports almost any scanner. By digitizing your paper materials, you also eliminate the risk of document loss and support the establishment of a single repository for quick access.

Boost Human Resources Processes

Whether you’re hiring full- or part-time employees, the onboarding process can demand a substantial amount of your human resources team’s time, which can leave them overwhelmed and short-handed when it comes to their everyday responsibilities. The situation can cause dissatisfaction among your current staff, which can contribute to low morale and productivity.

We help your human resources team perform at their best with our document management solutions for government agencies. With our software, such as Vanguard eSign, you can arrange for new hires to review, sign and submit onboarding documents from their phone, tablet or computer. This solution also eliminates the challenge that comes with poor handwriting. Instead, you’ll receive completed materials in easy-to-read formats that are automatically uploaded to your company’s system.

Accelerate Accounts Payable Operations

As a government agency, it’s critical you adhere to your budget. For the private and public sector, however, it’s become common for inefficiencies and bottlenecks in the accounts payable department to lead to additional costs, such as due to late payments. That’s why it’s vital to consider the potential benefits of accounting automation for your government agency’s accounts payable team.

With Vanguard AP Automation, we streamline your business processes by removing manual data entry from the equation and implementing a smart workflow that reviews and routes your uploaded invoices to the appropriate party, who can approve them from their email or log in to the program. All the routing processes of Vanguard AP Automation are dependent on your custom approval matrix for optimal accuracy.

Automate Document Archival for Generated Documents

For the private and public sector, you expect to archive documents after a set period. With our workflow automation for government agencies, it’s quick and seamless for your team to archive older documents. If you need to access these files later, you can always bring them up through our ECM. It’s a much smoother process than searching through filing cabinets.

Ease Your Pain Points With ECM for Government Agencies

At Vanguard Systems, we deliver smart, simple and streamlined ECM solutions for government agencies. Whether you’re looking to improve the productivity of your team, reduce the paper use of your department or expedite your in-house processes, you can rely on our innovative and secure solutions. With our software, you can drive change that optimizes your agency at every level, from hiring to payment. Solve your agency’s pain points by contacting us today for a free demonstration of our document management solutions for government agencies.

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