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Enhance Workforce Productivity

Businesses in the energy industry have a wide range of document needs, so they turn to Vanguard Systems for process management tools to increase efficiency, enhance workforce productivity and reduce risks. From local providers to massive, distributed enterprises, we have a system repository that can support a significant volume of varied documents, so you can have all your order information and work processes in a single place. You’ll be able to organize your spreadsheets, engineering manuals and drawings, word documents and photos in a more systematic, easy-to-use way. Plus, we provide individualized solutions for your unique and mission-critical data points, including GIS coordinate data capture and display.

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Energy Accounting Automation

Energy companies work across large geographic areas, creating physical silos that often evolve to data silos. This can make it difficult for your accounting teams to properly assess costs and orders, or cause delays in moving completed work.

Our ECM includes energy accounting automation and management tools that provide documents to your accounting team more quickly as a project is marked complete, or as a customer incurs billable action.

You deserve an energy ECM that routinely updates information in real-time to enable your teams to act right away. Send out more accurate billing information and invoices so you and your team get paid on-time thanks to a system that automates the steps, reduces human input time and error and can be updated with verifications of meter readings, contracts and more.

Regulatory Compliance

Utilities and energy companies are under consistent pressure to perform and adhere to some of the most strenuous regulations of any industry. There is a compliance protocol for how you operate plants, provide service, roll trucks, support other companies as they provide service and many other touchpoints in the health and safety sphere. Plus, you must keep records of nearly every action and have it verified and reviewed to meet existing compliance needs. Let Vanguard’s ECM for energy sector companies help you adhere to government policies and regulations while also identifying areas for better risk-mitigation as you operate. We’ll put a complete process architecture in place that focuses on compliance, so you stay in the clear while also protecting the privacy of your customers, retaining data for the long-term and running a more efficient operation. If you need any more motivation, remember: the Energy Policy Act of 2005 says FERC can execute civil penalties of up to $1 million a day for every violation of the Federal Power Act, the Natural Gas Act or any other rule or regulation made or imposed by [FERC pursuant to its authority under the Acts].

GIS Coordinate Systems

Vanguard’s ECM for energy providers is customized to your needs. We build each module to help support any unique requirements you have. We’ll start by developing the elements common across all industries, including the energy sector, then work with you to meet your custom goals. One of our most common energy sector requests is the support of geographic coordinate systems, which comes standard for files that generate and store this data. Using a standard structure, there’s no information lost or changed across longitude, latitude or elevation. GIS can handle a much larger scale than CAD coordinates, making our system more authentic and useful for a broader range of customers.

Workflow Automation for Energy

Paper has no place in your sector. Document management software for energy businesses works to remove all the paperwork from the most frequently used processes, including:

  • Planning
  • Contract signing
  • Service delivering
  • Invoicing
  • Meter verification
  • Maintenance

By eliminating paperwork and capturing digital signatures and photographs in the field with eSign and eMobile tools, Vanguard Systems allows your team to use the right form, generate the right document and verify the correct information in a single solution. Automated processes also lead to happier customers because your team can act on the most precise information without having to wait. They provide reliable service in real-time, making their job easier and focusing on delivering quality, rather than filing out a form in triplicate.

Document Management and Service Solutions for Energy Companies

It’s time to make better decisions, faster. Vanguard Systems has designed an energy ECM that can maximize your potential and build competitive advantages, whether you work domestically or internationally. With tools to manage HR and accounting, as well as maintenance and lifecycle monitoring for your plants, we make sure every document is just a keystroke away. Streamline your operations affordably with a leading document management solution for energy ECM needs. Contact us today.

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