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Enterprise Content Management for Distribution Companies

Distribution businesses and the distribution arms within large enterprises are always at risk of becoming trapped by the documents they need to run their operations. Literal tons of paper documents are generated each quarter from deliveries alone, with forms and capture requirements that differ across platforms and companies. You need to capture what’s delivered, by whom, when, at what quantity and much more. Vanguard Systems’ distribution ECM — or enterprise content management — tools can help you collect all the data you need and simplify that process, allowing your team to create, manage and access your company’s many forms more easily. Download Product Information

Save Time and Money on Your Documents

Wholesale distributors often face large document backlogs because of the way their business operates, with multiple warehouses and branch offices. If you break lots or combine orders, whether through standard or custom kits, you’ll need a better way to track all products and information back to the source — just in case there’s an issue. And all that comes from just one part of your process. There’s also signing for orders, managing your workflow to increase efficiency, tracking your accounting and billing processes, managing POs and onboarding both new customers and staff. Every process could generate significant documentation you would eventually need a warehouse just to store. Or, you can turn to the distribution document management features within Vanguard’s ECM, including:

  • distribution warehouseSimplified document capture
  • Advanced document retrieval and reproduction
  • Distribution workflow automation tools
  • Full-text and optical character recognition for faster searching even of past scanned PDFs
  • And much more

Enterprise content management systems, like the one from Vanguard Systems, can also give you a portable business briefcase that lets your team replicate many ECM functions for your partners, customers or auditors — without allowing them full access to your internal processes and data. There’s no need to disrupt any workflow anymore, from managing documents and capturing tools to allowing your business to be audited without a system needing to go offline.

Protect Your Bottom Line

Distribution document management tools are designed to make your business run more smoothly while cutting costs related to document creation, capture, storage and recovery. Vanguard Systems can help you have more revenue left over to invest back in your business through three major areas of improvement:

Efficiency Upgrades:

ECM solutions for distribution management firms can help you review and update your workflows. Your employees get to focus on more necessary and immediate tasks while documentation processes are automated.

Error Reduction:

Not only are you capturing data more quickly, but there are fewer manual processes to introduce errors. Distribution accounting automation is one of the best ways to ensure everyone is paid properly and on-time with fewer disputes.

Labor Savings:

Document management solutions for distribution businesses take basic, mundane tasks away from your employees. We minimize human labor requirements and automatically update your systems, so you have digital documents ready to go without spending money on the labor of finding or generating copies.

Make Regulatory Compliance Simple

One of the chief ways distribution document management can save you money is by reducing the likelihood of fines, penalties or charges related to violating federal laws and regulations. Our system will help you meet the most demanding protocols concerning proper documentation for various compliance regulations, including the DOT’s Hours of Service regulations for truck drivers. If your business operates in any specialty areas, whether that’s in full hazmat zones or unnatural temperatures, our documentation management solutions will assist you with storing compliance documents, as well as staying up-to-date with regulations. There is more widespread support for handling documentation of records corresponding to transportation or a full manifest — as well as photo-based information capture and signature capture tools — through our eSign, eMobile and other packages.

Manage Turnover and Onboarding

Distribution businesses are cyclical, so your hiring often follows suit. That can often lead to HR crunch times where you need to get a lot of documents processed and verified in short order, so you can also meet your goals for the busy season. Unfortunately, that rush can often come with paperwork that’s incomplete, unverified, improper or just not done. What if you could empower your HR teams to not only provide all the right documents each time, but also get notifications when documents are ready or if elements are missing? Stay compliant and protect your business by simplifying the entire process. Our HR workflow automation for distribution allows digital signatures via our eSign process that delivers documents based on need and role. New staff can sign immediately, and you can upload directly to your HRIS, reducing manual reviews and data entry. This way, you’re getting more done in less time for less cost.

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