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Streamline Your Business Processes With ECM

As a financial institution, paperwork is critical to your operations. Whether you’re processing credit card applications, loan requests or refinancing inquiries, your team relies on documentation to work with clients. That influx of paper, however, can impact the productivity of your team and the profits of your company, which is why enterprise content management (ECM) is becoming a valuable tool for the industry. At Vanguard Systems, we offer a comprehensive set of ECM solutions for financial services to drive results.

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Expedite Document Signage Work and Member Services

Vanguard eSign, as a part of our ECM solutions for financial services, also comes into use for document signage work and member services, such as card signature collection. Instead of a new set of homeowners being required to come into your physical location to sign the finalized paperwork for their mortgage, they can do so over their phone, computer or tablet, which is immensely convenient for both your customers and your team.

For less intensive documentation, you can use Vanguard eSign as well. As an example, someone opening their first checking account could complete the entire process from their home versus visiting one of your branch locations. Their completed application would upload to your ECM, removing the time and effort of assisting someone with becoming a member of your bank. Plus, it ensures the fulfillment of every required response on bank documentation.

Streamline Financial and Human Resources Tasks

No matter the role, from senior to junior, the process of hiring an employee or intern requires paperwork for your human resources and accounting team. The onboarding process can become document-intensive quickly, as well as time-consuming if your latest hires must sign the documents in person versus at their convenience. Plus, you may have to combat poor handwriting. We make your role simpler with our workflow automation for financial services, which utilizes Vanguard eSign. With our employee onboarding solution, you can make your hiring forms, from offer letters to tax withholding forms, accessible via a new hire’s tablet, phone or computer. They’ll input their responses into the document which will be stored within the system as an actionable item. The collected data will be uploaded to your HRIS and accounting applications to eliminate data entry errors. An example of this is the onboarding of new hire information. This human resources workflow task is streamlined by the software routing new hire information to all necessary departments. This ensures the IT department for the software application sign off on the credentials while all essential parties have direct access to the new hire information.

Automate Accounts Payable

We also provide accounting automation for financial services, alleviating the stress of the paperwork and time investment that the accounting department devotes each day to manual data entry, approvals and routing. With our solution, your team can focus on detailed tasks that require critical thinking, as Vanguard Workflow will streamline AP and AR processes. As an example, our workflow automation solution for AP processes relies on rules set by your organization to review and route uploaded invoices to the appropriate parties, as well as determine if the invoice should proceed for approval. If it’s ready for signature, your staff can access the invoice via email or our software program, making the process of handling your backend financials fast and straightforward.

Track and Organize Paperwork and Financial Reports

Whether you’re a bank, mutual fund, mortgage company or another financial entity, it’s vital that you maintain and manage your backend financials as well as any other pertinent paperwork. Our document management solutions for financial services can help your team organize and streamline access to paperwork, as well as designate user access levels to guard sensitive information.

Boost Employee Productivity and Customer Satisfaction

By eliminating many of the drawbacks of paper filing systems and paper documentation, you can optimize the time of your staff. Now, they can redirect their time away from organizational efforts and to more productive ones that benefit the company’s overall goals for growth. By removing some or all paper from your operations, you can also save when it comes to your overhead expenses. Our document management software for financial services benefits not only your company but also your clientele. When you offer your clients conveniences, such as online forms for opening a checking account, credit line or loan, they’re sure to notice it and mark it as an advantage of doing business with you versus another entity in the area. That recognition boosts your organization’s competitive edge.

Make Your Company Run Smoother With ECM Solutions for Financial Services

At Vanguard Systems, we’re driven to deliver solutions that provide your company with results you can see and measure, from improved productivity to decreased expenses to optimized organization. Whether you’re looking to streamline your accounting, hiring or general operation processes, our team and ECM solutions for financial services can help accomplish your goals. Discover the difference our financial services ECM can bring to your day-to-day operations by contacting us today for a free demonstration.

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