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EliteForm Barcode & Label Printing

Tracking your goods, equipment and accessories can be difficult when you’re working with manufacturer labels or a one-size-fits-all approach that outputs a six-inch barcode for a two-inch part. That’s a hassle no one should have to deal with — especially not your field teams as they try to record parts, sales and more with bent, twisted, floppy and otherwise unusable labels. To help address these concerns, Vanguard Systems’ EliteForm has expanded with a barcode printer app designed to work with your equipment and your team’s specific needs. Through a new EliteLabel module, you can now resize and recreate labels that fit the situations your teams face. The EliteLabel barcode printer app and label software package is designed to work with the most common printers on the market. Your team is already geared up to take advantage of a smoother process that customers enjoy.

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Features of the EliteLabel Barcode Label Printing Software

EliteLabel operates in conjunction with the broader EliteForm system, providing support for you to format systems data no matter how you need it. Our barcode printer app supports a variety of fonts and barcode designs as well as overlays for advanced label printing applications. Map, adjust, print and record — all within a single smart package. EliteForm will monitor the entire output queue to automatically merge your forms and data for output to a label printer or you can use it directly with EliteForm for immediate merge and print commands.

Anywhere You Need a New Label

Things happen in the world of barcodes. Sometimes labels get ripped off or smudged, sometimes shippers print information on top of your barcode or the parts you order get one barcode per box, but not per part or product. Give your team the simple and direct ability to address these and other issues with printing of the right barcode through our barcode printer app. They can look through your existing system and product guide to call up the right barcode. And we’ll help you address any sizing issues with a simple but effective resizing tool that adjusts barcodes to the dimensions of your products and packaging. By working with all ZEBRA or ZPLII compliant label printers, you’ll be in good shape no matter where you are. They’re the perfect support team for warehouses, offices and distribution centers and much more.

Benefits of the Growing EliteForm Suite

EliteLabel is a recent addition to the EliteForm offering because it meets our core value: giving your team the tools they need to get the job done any time, any place and at the speed of your business. With new labels that can be printed from industry-standard label printers, your business can minimize data entry errors by reducing the amount of data entry and updates to inventories and customer orders. Everything is captured and coded right when it happens, allowing you to focus on customer service while your software takes care of the rest.

Choose barcode label printing software that works with you by prioritizing the simple creation of a new label and performing the necessary tracking and authentication in real-time, with minimal input from your team. Your customers demand it and your team deserves it.

When you’re ready to discover how our ECM technologies and smart additions like EliteLabel can make every transaction go a little more smoothly, contact us online or call 800-445-1418 to schedule your free demonstration.

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