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Meet customer demands and start saving today with smart electronic document distribution powered by EliteSuite.

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Automated Document Generation

If you haven’t looked seriously at automated document generation, then you’re still making your team waste time and money on manual tasks. These are losses you don’t ever need to see again.

Vanguard EliteSuite helps small businesses and enterprises generate documents using system data and push them through automated electronic document distribution channels so your customers, field teams and compliance officers aren’t sitting around waiting for paperwork to get things done. Today’s business world is dominated by email, but many companies still desire a paper trail to manage their operations. Vanguard can support this through automated tools that distribute system documents via email or fax, through smart software that doesn’t require you to install a separate fax line. Meet customer demands and start saving today with smart electronic document distribution powered by EliteSuite.

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Automated Document Emailing

When you automate document generation, your business takes the first step toward providing the information your team and customers need. Using the Vanguard EliteMail platform, you can automatically email all the documents and files they need as soon as they’re generated or updated. Our electronic document distribution system can deliver invoices, statements, purchase orders, product updates and much more via a secure PDF document, saving you time and money by eliminating tedious paperwork and preventing human error from miscopying email addresses or misidentifying customers. Tie EliteMail into your existing database files and then you can automate the execution of file deliveries and updates. Plus, we provide a direct and easy API command tool to help you integrate email delivery with your existing document generation tools. Everything can be tracked through an intuitive email dashboard. Vanguard Systems even offers our own email engine to help speed along delivery. It’s a complete distribution system for documents generated via email or even fax.

Automated Fax Delivery

Electronic document distribution still needs a paperwork counterpart sometimes, so we’ve made a system that can work with faxed reports. Our EliteFax is a simple protocol that will automatically fax reports and merged documents that are created in or managed by the EliteSuite of tools. You simply take your document and process it, rerouting its electronic form to our EliteFax server, where the information is managed and delivered to a fax machine at the other end of the line. Your document is properly rendered in physical form to simplify workflows and meet customer needs or address regulatory compliance. Fax reports and even straight data files to any machine or number with simple ease. We can even provide advanced functionality to manage external database contacts and send your faxes in sorted, burst or route-spooled files. No matter what mix and match of recipient delivery you need, EliteFax can help with an automated document distribution engine. When you need to speed up your information delivery through a document distribution system via email or fax, contact Vanguard. We’ll set up a free demo to show you how this world-class electronic document distribution platform works with all the ways you and your customers communicate.

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The best way to see how Vanguard Systems software works to protect and maximize the efficiency of your business is to see it in action for yourself. We want every business to be able to benefit from our services, so we’re happy to offer a free, no-risk, no-obligation demonstration of what we can do. To schedule your demo or discuss any of our software applications, call (610) 891-7703 or contact us online now.