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The Value of Your ERP System

Sustainability, efficiency and visibility — these are just a few of the positive results businesses using enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems can achieve. With the right automated ERP system, a previously disorganized enterprise can fully comprehend how everything from its accounting processes and human resources practices to its supply chain and customer relationship management contributes value to the company.

Of course, you can’t create value simply by installing a new software package. Any ERP system that effectively helps a company discover areas of waste, streamline its processes and implement change can only do so because a talented workforce invests the effort to generate, gather and input required data. From HR managers to accountants, everyone must support your ERP system by providing it with what it needs.

An important byproduct of this relationship is that your ERP system helps define your employees’ roles by clearly delineating what it needs from each staff member. This motivates workers to communicate effectively with your ERP — plus, it also often results in better communications within departments and across the enterprise.

Finding the Right Vendor

Resource planning is the backbone of your organization and drives your path forward. Choosing the right vendor for managing your ERP system and AP automation means the difference between success and failure.

Before signing a contract with a new vendor, go over your current business processes and make a list of what works and what should be changed. Next, decide how much to invest in the overall costs associated with ERP, including staffing, purchasing hardware, training costs, and ongoing system management and upgrades.

The right software creates standard business practices and streamlines work between departments.

ERP and AP Automation Software: Get the Most Out of Your ERP


A growing number of companies, recognizing the potential of ERP systems, are trying them on for size. However, Gartner reports the following sobering statistic: 75 percent of ERP projects eventually fail due in large part to confusion and frustration surrounding implementation, as well as budgeting concerns. Research shows that while companies typically spend approximately four months looking into potential ERP systems, only about one-quarter of those that implement one is pleased with the results.

Budgeting the time to input required data for the ERP’s successful operation is frequently mentioned as a key challenge, even above financial planning issues. This is supported by the Institute of Finance and Management, which found that ERP integration with AP automation software helps eliminate manual processes that fall outside the actual ERP system but still need the input of data to work.

This is where Vanguard Systems’ integrated accounts payable system — which supports a fully automated AP workflow, from invoice data extraction to routing invoices for approval — can help you get the most out of your ERP. With the elimination of time-consuming manual tasks that can be fraught with human error, your employees feel more supported. Moreover, your ERP system becomes more useful, as it automatically receives the data it needs to give you and your organization the results you’re looking for.

With Vanguard Systems, the benefits of AP automation software range from it being a bolt-on solution designed to work with your existing ERP to its ability to strategically enhance the security and compliance of your financial data. In addition, it automatically performs two-way and three-way matches, captures early pay discounts and maximizes the overall productivity of your AP department. As a result, the increased efficiency of your ERP system starts as soon as your current ERP and Vanguard Systems’ AP automation software begin working together.

Implementing Your ERP

Switch from legacy systems to something more central companywide by first creating a roadmap of what you wish to accomplish with the system. Follow these ERP implementation tips:

  • Organize data into appropriate categories.
  • Appoint an oversight committee to make sure processes run smoothly and major goals are met.
  • Communicate regularly with key players the changes impact, such as department leaders.
  • Set aside time for training.
  • Set up ERP and accounting system integration
  • Plan for future ERP integration and improvement, such as adding mobile connectivity.

Vanguard’s AP system works with any ERP specifics you implement, making the process smooth and seamless.

Seamless Integration for Any ERP

Getting the most out of your ERP system means supporting it with the type of automation software that will work seamlessly with it from day one. At Vanguard Systems, we’re uniquely aware of this fact, which is why our AP integration runs so smoothly with all ERP systems in use today. Through our total solution approach and ongoing partnerships with Microsoft, IBM, Citrix and other leaders in technology, we’ve created AP automation software that’s truly universal.

With Vanguard Systems, you get an automation platform that’s purposely designed to be an application-agnostic solution, so it really doesn’t matter which ERP system you have — our software can work with it. In addition, our system of AP automation works across every industry — from finance and insurance to manufacturing and health care.

Reasons to Integrate Your ERP Software With Automated AP

Business process automation touches every aspect of your brand, from employee onboarding to reducing menial administrative tasks.

ERP software combined with automated AP boosts productivity across departments by reducing the need for manual data entry, approvals and final filing of paperwork. Processes become more efficient, which reduces delivery time for your customers.

Automating processes also frees up your employees to work on more important and creative tasks they otherwise wouldn’t have time for.

Vanguard’s AP Universal Integration

No matter which ERP system you choose, Vanguard’s AP Integration runs smoothly with your ERP. Here are some of the more common ERPs that work seamlessly with Vanguard System’s AP Integration:


  • Avatar System
  • CGI Horizon
  • Epicor
  • Gias
  • IQMS
  • JD Edwards (EnterpriseOne, World)
  • Microsoft Dynamics (GP, AX, SL, NAV)
  • MRI
  • Oracle (PeopleSoft, NetSuite)
  • ProcessWare ERP
  • Quorum Software
  • Sage
  • VAI S2K Enterprise

Your ERP system should update invoice data into your overall company financial health snapshot. Getting the right data into your system is a vital part of making sure your ERP works for you.

With Vanguard Systems, you get an automation platform that’s purposely designed to be an application-agnostic solution, so it really doesn’t matter which ERP system you have — our software can work with it. In addition, our system of AP automation works across every industry — from finance and insurance to manufacturing and health care.

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