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Streamline Your Business Processes With AP Automation Software

Your accounts payable department plays a pivotal role in providing accurate cash forecasts by ensuring only invoices that are legitimate and accurate are paid efficiently. If you’ve been struggling with how to improve the accounts payable process, Vanguard Systems has your answer. Vanguard Systems offers accounts payable software systems to streamline and simplify your AP process by eliminating data entry, manual approval processes, and filing, thereby freeing knowledgeable workers to focus on core initiatives. Accounts payable automation is a way to manage all your invoice payment transactions electronically and automatically. But it’s important to understand that Vanguard Systems’ accounts payable automation is more than just a paperless accounts payable system — it’s a way to eliminate unnecessary processes, create a central repository for documents and digitally handle all tasks that don’t need human intervention. As a result, you save a significant amount of labor, resources and time.

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AP Automation — How It Works

When you work with different vendors, whether you’re in the manufacturing, hospitality or any other type of industry, you have to keep your invoices in order. When these records become disorganized, you may miss deadlines, lose relationships with important vendors or experience other trouble. At Vanguard Systems, we offer two unique automated accounts payable systems to improve your business operations and AP department. Whether you prefer a more traditional invoice collection style or an automated system that relies primarily on technology, one of our two AP processing options is sure to work great for your business.

1. Invoice Capture and Data Extraction System

Your first option is the invoice capture and data extraction system. With this option, everything is digital. The invoice automation process occurs in two stages, invoice capture and data extraction. In the first stage, vendors can submit their invoices either digitally or through the mail. After the physical invoices come in, they are batch-scanned in order to keep all invoices in one place. If you opt for completely digital invoicing, you choose a more streamlined system too. Digital invoices can be entered into the system in various ways, including:

Outlook integration imports PDF invoice attachments from monitored email inboxes

Auto import from a mapped directory

Drag and drop ingestion

During the second stage of data extraction, the software will process each invoice to identify the vendor and depending on the processing rules, will pull in header data for expense vendors. Purchase order vendor invoices will be processed for both header and line item details. The system extracts the following details:

Header data — Date, PO number, invoice number, freight, tax (GST/VAT), discount and total

Line item detail — Part number, quantity, description, unit cost and extended amount

After the extraction, all of the information that you need is organized so you can find the specific information that you need faster.

2. Payables Lockbox System

Our second option is an accounts payables lockbox system. With our partner ScanTek, you receive a PO box where your vendors will submit all invoices and email invoices will be directed there as well. ScanTek will input the information to double key each invoice for any discrepancies or other issues. You receive a notification if any issues come up for your review. Once processed, the data and images are returned to you. Whichever option that you choose, our systems will help improve efficiencies and day-to-day operations within your business. By receiving all of your invoices in person, it’s up to you and your staff to monitor the information for accuracy and to ensure each invoice is paid on time. All of those paper invoices can really pile up throughout the year and require a great deal of time to scan in yourself.

Accounts Payable Workflow Automation

No matter which of the two methods you choose for your invoices, each invoice image will become a workflow task. Transactional data will be queried from your ERP or accounting application, populating the task with information from the vendor master file, purchasing/receiving and chart of accounts. The supporting documentation — including the invoice, receiving documentation, contracts, user documents and any other relevant information — will be collected and become easily accessible in the task view. Based on what each invoice indicates, the system will process it appropriately:

Purchase Order Invoices:

These invoices will be matched against purchasing and receiving data. Matching invoices will be processed straight through, while those with variances will be flagged and routed to be corrected.

Non-PO Invoices:

The system can route these through standard approval processes, with multi-level approval based on dollar amount and vendor. Email and browser-based payment approvals will be offered as standard features.

Approved Invoices:

These invoices will be processed through to the end. Then, the system will upload transactional data to the ERP/Accounting Application and create the vouchers.

Additional AP Automation Benefits

On top of providing you with the best accounts payable software for managing your workflow, Vanguard Systems remains committed to our emphasis on security. We illustrate by providing high-level security compliance with our software systems. Some of the automated accounts payable solutions Vanguard Systems’ software offers include:

  • Pure “bolt-on” solution design to enhance your existing business applications
  • Elimination of paper at the source – making information instantaneously available
  • Complete process oversight in a single view
  • Elimination of data entry, filing, and retrieval
  • Automated PO matching
  • Straight through process based on your business rules
  • Quickly and easily edit GL distribution
  • Capture early pay discounts
  • Maximize productivity and save money

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Why Choose Vanguard Systems?

Data entry for invoicing is a task that may not be worth assigning to your own staff. Between the time that it takes to complete it, the frequency of it and the potential for human error, let Vanguard Systems take care of it for you! Our complete accounts payable automation solution lets your employees get back to doing what’s more important. The software is smart — utilizing robotic process automation, it identifies all of the important information and sends notifications of bills that need to be paid. Even when you receive an invoice that was already paid, the invoicing software knows the difference and has the capabilities to do exactly what you need it to do. Our automated software does the work so you don’t have to. With a variety of capabilities and connection to other systems, adopting either option makes your business run much more smoothly. The transactional data is identified, recorded and organized in a way that makes the most sense to you. You can access everything you need in one simple place, and you won’t have to deal with those disorganized paper invoices again. Request a free demo to learn why you should choose Vanguard Systems as your accounts payable automation vendor.

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The best way to see how Vanguard Systems software works to protect and maximize the efficiency of your business is to see it in action for yourself. We want every business to be able to benefit from our services, so we’re happy to offer a free, no-risk, no-obligation demonstration of what we can do. To schedule your demo or discuss any of our software applications, call (610) 891-7703 or contact us online now.