AP Automation

Accounts Payable Automation Systems 

Streamline Your Business Processes With AP Automation

Your accounts payable department plays a pivotal role in providing accurate cash forecasts by ensuring only invoices that are legitimate and accurate are paid efficiently. If you’ve been struggling with how to improve the accounts payable process, Vanguard Systems has your answer. Vanguard Systems offers accounts payable software systems to streamline and simplify your AP process by eliminating data entry, manual approval processes, and filing, thereby freeing knowledgeable workers to focus on core initiatives.

Accounts payable automation is a way to manage all your invoice payment transactions electronically and automatically. But it’s important to understand that Vanguard Systems’ accounts payable automation is more than just a paperless accounts payable system — it’s a way to eliminate unnecessary processes, create a central repository for documents and digitally handle all tasks that don’t need human intervention. As a result, you save a significant amount of labor, resources and time.

How Does Vanguard Systems Accounts Payable Automation Software Work?

Right now, your business may use paper invoices, paper work orders and other paper records. Even if these records eventually find their way into a computer, requiring that staff members repeatedly key data, monitor and approve such paperwork takes entirely too much time, and takes your employees away from more important work they could be doing.

With Vanguard Systems’ accounts payable workflow software, almost all of this process is automated and touchless.  Emailed invoices or hard copy invoices are loaded into the system and the software takes over invoice data extraction, determining what actions need to take place to only pay legitimate bills. Matching invoices with purchasing and receiving data, routing expense invoices for approval based on a custom defined approval matrix, and providing a quick and easy means to edit GL distribution… only contacting AP process owners when absolutely necessary to resolve a discrepancy.
And Vanguard’s automated accounts payable solutions are platform-agnostic, which means no matter what your current financial applications or account management systems are now, our system can integrate with yours, possibly marrying disparate business application data and creating an easy-to-locate repository for data that you can access in real-time to drastically reduce inefficiency in your system.

Additional AP Automation Benefits

On top of providing you with the best accounts payable software for managing your workflow, Vanguard Systems remains committed to our emphasis on security. The “V” is for “Vigilance,” which we illustrate by providing high-level security compliance with our software systems. Some of the automated accounts payable solutions Vanguard Systems’ software offers include:

  • Pure “bolt-on” solution design to enhance your existing business applications
  • Elimination of paper at the source – making information instantaneously available
  • Complete process oversight in a single view
  • Elimination of data entry, filing, and retrieval
  • Automated PO matching
  • Straight through process based on your business rules
  • Quickly and easily edit GL distribution
  • Capture early pay discounts
  • Maximize productivity and save money

See How Vanguard Systems Software Works Today

The best way to see how Vanguard Systems software works to protect and maximize the efficiency of your business is to see it in action for yourself. We want every business to be able to benefit from our services, so we’re happy to offer a free, no-risk, no-obligation demonstration of what we can do. To schedule your demo or discuss any of our software applications, call 800-445-1418 or contact us online now.