DITRA Corp & Vanguard Systems, Inc. Form New Alliance for Digital Transformation

DITRA Corp & Vanguard Systems, Inc. Form New Alliance for Digital Transformation

US companies Vanguard Systems Inc. and DITRA Corp have partnered to provide comprehensive, affordable methods and tools for the digital transformation of small and medium-sized businesses.

Vanguard Systems provides Enterprise Content Management and Digital Transformation solutions designed to improve organizational efficiency and regulatory compliance. Vanguard’s solutions solve paper/productivity issues and make the power of information instantly available anywhere across the enterprise.

Digital Transformation Software is changing the way business is done across multiple industries. The capability to adapt business models from paper and manual processes to a digital process is vital in today’s environment. For most small and medium-sized companies, it is already a challenge to keep up with the latest technology, let alone to identify potential improvements for their business by applying it. Even if business executives have identified the need to leverage Digital technology and Process Automation in the organization, its implementation can face many challenges.

DITRA’s industry experience includes wide-ranging consultation to identify gaps and opportunities for Process Automation and Digital Transformation. DITRA also offers quality services that help to get results quickly and smoothly using software products from Vanguard Systems.

“A digitally transformed business will be completely different,” said David Engberg, President at Vanguard Systems. “Digital Transformation and Process Automation used in multiple applications, by multiple people, in multiple roles and departments—all harmonized to improve the company’s enterprise workflows. Such a digital transformation can be modeled on the specific tasks or departments an organization wants optimized. Because there’s no one-size-fits-all formula, the right solution design and implementation approach is critical.”
Said Engberg: “DITRA Corp provides the necessary knowledge and experience to spot, pursue, and engage Digital Transformation opportunities. They provide guidance on individual steps to successfully improve our customers’ businesses by effectively applying Vanguard Systems’ solutions.”

“We are proud and excited to partner with Vanguard Systems Inc. on Business Process Automation,” said Christian Massow, CEO of DITRA Corp. “Vanguard’s flexible products allow DITRA to provide individually tailored solutions to our customers. Business process automation systems are sets of tools that free organizations to do what they meant to do. It simplifies many of the routine tasks and procedures companies already perform—making them quicker and more efficient, ultimately liberating employees from the mundane to the meaningful. Vanguard’s tools are supporting exactly that – and DITRA’s consultants utilize them to, step-by-step, bring successful business process automation to small and medium-sized companies.”

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