Proof of Delivery, Solved

Proof of Delivery, Solved

Proof of Delivery, or POD, is essential for getting logistical business done quickly and effectively. When done right, a quality POD system is light, flexible, and able to adapt with you.

When done wrong, a POD system is expensive, difficult to manage, and requires more work than it’s worth.

Vanguard’s POD solutions consider the Proof of Delivery problem “solved” thanks to our agile and low-cost systems. But to make this case, we have to first consult what goes wrong with POD systems to begin with—and how these problems are best addressed.

Where Most Proof of Delivery Systems Go Wrong

Modern POD isn’t hard to pull off—it’s just hard to pull off well. Although remote and mobile technology has revolutionized the modern POD system, some problems still linger, including:

  • High-cost, handheld computers. Proof of Delivery can indeed be convenient when you have the right gadget in hand. The problem is when these handheld computers are so expensive that they make the costs of electronic POD prohibitive. An efficient system should be able to work whether or not you’re using an expensive mobile device.
  • Docking stations. Like handheld computers, a docking station and the need to “dock” to pass data can be so costly that it makes the entire system more expensive. Docking stations should perform their tasks quickly and easily without running up costs on the entire system.
  • Heavy back-end systems. If your system feels light but makes up for it with a heavy back-end full of too many processes and too much clutter, is it really light? A flexible Proof of Delivery system should be just as easy to handle on the back end as it is in the usual interface.

Put it all together and you end up with POD that’s too cumbersome—much like the old systems that the modern conveniences are supposed to replace.

Vanguard Solutions for More Agile, Flexible Systems

Vanguard’s unique offering takes these problems and flips them. It starts with real time communication with business systems, which keeps the system flexible, lightweight, and ensures that anyone using the system will receive the up-to-date information they need.

Utilizing low-cost iOS and Android devices is the next step. It’s vital that these devices sacrifice none of the functionality in a POD system while costing far less than their more expensive counterparts.

By seamlessly integrating these devices with existing business applications, Vanguard ensures that you don’t have to introduce an entirely new system and do away with the old applications in order to get work done. One of the reasons our POD solution is lightweight is because it doesn’t make demands on your old systems or even seek to boot them entirely from your company’s infrastructure. You can place Vanguard’s solutions on top of existing systems, which helps keep your POD flexible and light.

Proof of Delivery doesn’t have to be a problem. But if it is, the solutions you choose shouldn’t add heavily to the bottom line while making the entire system feel heavy. With Vanguard solutions, your POD system can remain lightweight with minimal upfront investment. The end result is a better POD system without major overhauls to existing systems—except to improve them.

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