How Vanguard eSign Simplifies Your HR Forms

How Vanguard eSign Simplifies Your HR Forms

W4’s, i9’s, HR policies and procedures, employment agreements…whenever you make a change in personnel, it’s fair to say the paperwork can be hard to sift through. In fact, the challenge can be so difficult that some growing companies hold off on making changes altogether simply because of these paperwork headaches.

But Vanguard eSign offers simplification beyond the usual solutions so that your actionable business forms are properly distributed, executed, and organized.

How does it all work?

The Challenge: Flowing Paperwork into One Singular System

Human Resources is renowned for its paperwork. If you work in HR there’s not already a pile of papers on your desk or a cluttered inbox on your computer, chances are they’ll fill up soon.

Vanguard eSign manages all of this work by offering the following:

  • Distribution. Actionable business forms like insurance forms, change of address forms, and more can be triggered by our software and then emailed to relevant parties. That means no more digging through stacks of papers.
  • Workflow management. Our workflow application will manage the process, keeping track of each document and its respective status along the way. That means you can check up on compliance at a moment’s notice, with all of the updates handled automatically.
  • Easy signing. The signer can execute the document on a PC, tablet—even a smartphone. That makes your paperwork more accessible and the execution process that much easier, giving you time to focus on more important things.

But these are just three highlights. For a complete rundown of the benefits you can realize when using Vanguard eSign, review our PDF. There you’ll see a complete list of advantages and savings when switching to eSign.

The Solution: Benefits to Using Vanguard eSign Over Our Competitors

While Vanguard eSign simplifies each process, the real solution to the challenge above is in the software.

There are other document signage programs out there, and they also have the ability to easily execute documents. Where Vanguard eSign stands apart is in managing the systems automatically. That means Vanguard eSign can take a system’s data and automatically merge it with data present on the form: name, address, hiring date, and more.

It’s no secret that the digital world is making offices paperless. But Vanguard eSign goes beyond the promise of paperless solutions and makes them work intuitively. By automating these various systems, much of your time is free to focus on what really matters at your company.

It doesn’t end there. Our documents will be automatically archived, then available from your HRIS / ERP application screens.

Better yet, it all results in an easy flow. You can check out more about merging Vanguard eSign with your HR practices by watching this YouTube video.

Human Resources isn’t an easy task at any company. There’s a lot to manage from paperwork and data on up. But if you can make life easier on yourself by utilizing Vanguard eSign for document management, you can better allocate HR resources to resolving the big-picture problems.

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