20 Shocking Accounts Payable Stats Every Business Owner Should Know

20 Shocking Accounts Payable Stats Every Business Owner Should Know

20 Shocking Accounts Payable Stats Every Business Owner Should Know

Do you know what your accounts payable are costing you?

At first blush, that question may not make a lot of sense. You may be wondering, “accounts payable—but isn’t that where I get all of my business income? How could I be losing money there?”

But when you break down some of the statistics, you might be shocked to see how much efficiency is lost in this simple—and often overcomplicated—area of your business.

What You Don’t Know about Accounts Payable May Cost You

How many average steps does manual invoicing take until you get paid?

What percentage of invoices are still done on paper?

How much can you save on invoicing automation when you switch to a highly automated invoicing process?

If you don’t know the answers, then you’re missing out. The stats you’ll read in this eBook, 20 Shocking Accounts Payable Stats, may actually throw you for a loop. No matter what you might be guessing right now, the actual average statistics may be even more profound than you imagined.

But there’s good news, too.

There are solutions for accounts payable as long as you’re willing to look for them.

That begins with identifying the key aspects of your invoicing systems right now. The problem? You may not know where to look. By checking out some of the most important stats in accounts payable, you’ll be able to find the processes that aren’t working out for you—finding the points to target as you begin a new way of handling your accounts payable.

Download “20 Shocking Accounts Payable Stats” Today

Motivation doesn’t always come easily. You might think that your accounts payable are working just fine because they’ve never given you any specific trouble before.

But when you see just how much they might be costing you, it becomes much harder to ignore the problem.

To learn where you might stand, be sure to download 20 Shocking Accounts Payable Stats today. The bad news? It might shock you. The good news? It might shock you into taking action and drastically improving your accounts payable from here on out.

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