Everything You Need to Know About the E-Invoicing Solution from eliteFORMS

Everything You Need to Know About the E-Invoicing Solution from eliteFORMS

Sticky stamps that cost way more than they should. High printing costs, including up to $1.60 to print and distribute each invoice. Paying expensive labor costs just to handle all of your invoices.

Sound familiar? They’re all problems that plague any business with traditional “snail mail” invoicing.

As someone who’s in charge of keeping this process simple, you know that you should switch to something simpler and savvier. You know that your outdated invoice system isn’t only costing you money, but it’s costing you something even more valuable: your company’s time.

The problem is, you don’t have the faintest idea where to start.

With e-invoicing powered by eliteFORMS, we can help you reduce invoicing costs, save money, and ultimately make the invoicing process much simpler. And it doesn’t take a tech-savvy genius to get started.

How Does E-Invoicing Work?

It works by doing all of the invoicing work for you. When you use eliteFORMS, it will monitor your accounting software’s print stream, recognize an invoice running, put it on a form automatically, and convert the invoice to a PDF file, ready to be sent to a client. And since eliteFORMS can handle digging the appropriate email address or fax number on file, all of the dirty work is handled automatically. Think about it as having your own personal electronic assistant handling your invoicing concerns.

You can further customize your invoicing experience to fit with your custom rules and way of handling business.

Five Advantages to E-Invoicing

Magical things happen when you turn over invoicing to an automatic, electronic source. Not only can you divert the usual resources you’d spend on invoicing to something else, but you’ll likely find that the automatic process of e-invoicing is simply more enjoyable than the old way of handling it. Don’t believe us? Here are five advantages that immediately arrive the second you begin e-invoicing:

  • Reduce labor costs. No matter what your employees are doing, when they’re on the clock, they cost money. The more efficient they are, the healthier your bottom line. Since paper invoicing is labor-intensive…well, you can do the math from there.
  • Immediate delivery. You know the usual “lag” associated with snail mail? There’s no reason to have to factor it in again. You know how DSO (days sales outstanding) is a thorn in the side of your business? This will drastically reduce DSO so your accounts receivable and your cash flow consistently add up.
  • Save on postage fees. True: one stamp alone does not make or break your business. But thousands of stamps sent out every year? Compiled with labor costs? It adds up quickly. The more business you do, the more these costs increase. It’s far better to use electronic methods to better manage your growth and get more value out of your invoicing system.
  • Enhance your branding. You used to send out black-and-white invoices because you couldn’t afford the cost of fancy printing. With e-invoicing, that all changes: use any color you want and avoid the regular trips to the office supply store.
  • Cut down on paper. Whether you want to do your part to help the environment or you simply hate spending so much money on paper, e-invoicing is a consistent way to save paper while you’re also saving green.

Getting the Most from E-Invoicing

What’s the secret? It’s simple; integrating eliteFORMS in with your current administrative systems allows it to access all of the information necessary to take care of invoicing nearly by itself. This won’t only cut back on labor costs, but will cut back on the time and energy your company spends simply creating, printing, and distributing each invoice.

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