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Here at Vanguard we pride ourselves on the success stories of our clients and love when we receive positive feedback. These testimonies tell us how much our software has helped their business and it helps us to better understand how we can help similar companies in the future. One of our best success stories came from Ascot Enterprises, located in Indiana. Ascot makes window treatments and bedding for recreational vehicles and manufactured homes. Ascot first described the issues they were facing as, “We were struggling to get our paperwork filed. We fell behind with our correspondence and reports. We were hiring staff and paying overtime, but we still had piles of files on top of cabinets.” The root of Ascot’s problems were customer service inquires, messages, searches, callbacks, and faxes which were destroyed or lost, as well as the issue of transporting paper all this paper. Ascot production facilities stretch across the country and sending HR files, invoice copies, proofs of delivery, and other paper documents took extra time and money, preventing them from growing their business.

After inspecting Ascot’s workflow, we at Vanguard adapted IMS-21 ( to Ascot’s specific needs. Immediately after installation, IMS-21 scanned documents into Ascot’s system, processing, managing, storing, and retrieving the images in seconds. The paper glut that had been choking Ascot’s progress rapidly began to clear, allowing Ascot’s workers to spend less time searching through documents and more time being productive, improving accuracy, reducing physical storage, and labor costs. After adapting IMS-21 to Ascot’s system they had this to say, “The Vanguard people came in to listen and learn, not to boast of their robust software. They studied and worked with us to understand our processes and idiosyncrasies. Then they turned IMS-21 to our priorities.” After everything was completed, Ascot summarized the entire process, “Choosing IMS-21 is probably the best single decision that we made that helped the whole company-outlying branches and corporate.” This is just one of the numerous success stories we have here at Vanguard. Below you will find a link to a document that tells the Ascot Enterprise success story in further detail. Till next time readers remember here at Vanguard the “V” is for Vigilance!

Access the Ascot PDF

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