Great Scott! How Close to Reality was Back to the Future’s prediction of 2015?

Happy Friday Followers and welcome to the fun Friday post, brought to you by Vigilant Vanguard! For all you movie buffs out there today I will be discussing the popular 80’s movie trilogy, Back to the Future, staring Michael J. Fox. For all of you readers out there unfamiliar with this epic trilogy, in these films Michael J. Fox plays a character named, Marty McFly. Marty meets a mad scientist, played by Christopher Lloyd, named Dr. Emmett Brown. The two team up to test Dr. Brown’s time traveling car, the DeLorean, a stylish 80’s car. The two travel into the past and future in this larger-than-life sci-fi trilogy. In the second film, released in 1989 and based in 1985, the two travel 30 years into the future, to October 21st, 2015. This glimpse into the future from the brilliant mind of director, Robert Zemeckis, predicted a futuristic and advanced world filled with extraordinary technological advancements such as flying cars, hover boards, sneakers that tie themselves, and much more!

I’m sure when this was being written and filmed in 1989, that 2015 seemed a lifetime away and would hold unimaginable futuristic advancements, but now that 2015 is upon us the question needs to be asked, were their predictions accurate or farfetched to the reality that we all live in? To really judge how close this film’s futuristic predictions were the tremendously popular comedy website, College Humor, created an animated Back to the Future parody called, Back to the Future in ACTUAL 2015. In this animated parody Marty and Doc travel to the real 2015, instead of the futuristic version depicted in the trilogy. However, when they arrive in 2015 they are greatly disappointed by how un-futuristic it really seems. I would like to warn our viewers that this video does contain adult content.

In the parody Marty and Doc are enormously frustrated in the reality of 2015 and how un-futuristic it really is. In the film the technological advancements are inconceivable, but the harsh reality quickly sinks in when they reach the real 2015. Marty wants to refuel the DeLorean with garbage, before the Doc informs him that most cars still run on fossil fuels, and the ones that aren’t are far too expensive for the average person, sounds a bit like hybrids to me. Marty is shocked to find that the government hasn’t invested in clean and reusable energy and that carbon emissions have changed the planets climate, global warming anyone? Marty shrugs off this harsh truth by looking on the brighter side stating, “Well at least cars can fly” which we all know how that turns out.

When the Doc insists that Marty blend in by wearing the clothes of the future, he is gravely disappointed to find no sneakers that can tie themselves, but instead the ever so popular crocs sensation. Marty is teased to find out that the Cubs won…their steroid law suit. He also learns that baseball is no longer considered America’s favorite passed time and is also informed about the death of print media, which has led to the addiction of technology. For example, Vine, the popular video sharing social media app, has generated overnight celebrities. Another example that is presented is how the school yard bully no longer takes your lunch money, but instead turns to cyber bullying, posting hateful comments and pictures of their victims. Marty’s biggest disappointment is finding out that there are no hover boards, but instead 2015 is filled with the OxBoard, which is barely faster than walking. This parody perfectly highlights how far off the predictions of the future were in the 80’s and how in 2015 we are no closer to flying cars than we are to solving the crisis of reusable energy and global warming.

Although the majority of the predictions that were made were far from reality, there were quite a few predictions that were right on the money. One of the first accurate predictions was the use of a headset to answer a mobile phone call, which wraps around the users head, very similar to virtual reality. Although the streets are not filled with teenagers cruising around on hover boards, the tech does exist! The Hendo Hover board is a real floating board that uses magnetic technology to hover over metal services and only costs $10,000…not too expensive right!? One of my personal favorites is when the soda drink appears out of the bar without doing anything, which believe it or not does exist as well. The bottle design, of the “Pepsi Perfect” soda was created for limited time distribution for the 30th anniversary of the trilogy, only releasing 6,500 of these sodas, which go for twenty dollars each, which is quite expensive for a soda. Probably one of the most famous predictions in the film was Marty’s Nike automatic tying sneakers and although Nike has not yet come out with such high tech sneakers, there have been quite a few advancements in clothing technology and it is rumored that they have cracked the power laces and will be releasing some anniversary Nike Airs with this technology in the near future.

Although some of the futuristic predictions did come true from this film, the majority of them are not even close to reality. With October 21st, 2015 less than a week away, Back to the Future, has been making a dramatic comeback sweeping the nation. Needless to say the parody of the time traveling duo could do without the disappointing reality of 2015 and perhaps they should come back in another 30 years, we all might be cruising the highway in the sky in our flying cars by then. In the wise words of Dr. Emmett Brown, “The way I see it, if you’re gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?” Till next time readers have a great weekend and remember the “V” is for Vigilance!

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