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Welcome readers to the brand new Vigilant Vanguard blog! Brought to you by Vanguard Systems Inc. and written by yours truly, Ross Siegel!

Here at Vanguard we ask a simple question; who would you trust with your business critical information? To really contemplate this problematic, but critical decision you should consider the following, no other system is built by real business minded people and not just programmers. No other company protects you from short and long term, “surprises” and cost overruns. No other system protects and scales to your platform for one all-inclusive price. Finally no other company provides 100% support for up to 25% less. Here at Vanguard the “V” is for Vigilance!

Visit us each week as we keep your finger on the pulse about current industry trends, technological innovations, statistical case studies, business to business strategies, marketing campaigns, and much more! Everyone knows that the best way to get ahead, in any industry, is to stay ahead and thus the key to success is staying informed! We will make sure you have the information you need to thrive in your industry!

I want you, as the readers, to comprehend and achieve the skills and information that you will need for success. However, I want to make one thing apparently clear, this will not be your run-of-the-mill informal blog, where we throw endless statistics at you until your brain is numb. We want to inform you, as well as entertain you because no one wants all work and no play. To keep things entertaining I will highlight current items, world news, popular culture, local sports, world news, and more because the sky is the limit and I’m aiming for the moon!

To tell you a bit more about us at Vanguard we provide enterprise content management (ECM), which is the only document management system that quickly adapts and protects your business, streamlining your time and labor costs, while increasing accuracy and profitability. Vanguard accurately reads, stores, processes, and protects any document you feed it. As well as utilizing eliteForms, providing customers the ability to manage and deliver their business-critical documents quickly, efficiently, and securely in an electronic format. We will shield you from Personal Identity Information (PII) theft and costly security breaches with ID Protect. Here at Vanguard our workflow automation is built by real business people, not just programmers hoping to sell software to businesses. Vanguard’s exceptional approach to workflow goes way beyond traditional Business Process Management (BPM) because at Vanguard we are founded on the traditions and principals of our founder Dave Engberg. For decades he has empowered all different kinds of business owners to take control of the wheel of their business and drive it to a bright and successful future!

Till next time readers remember here at Vanguard the “V” is for Vigilance!


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