Enterprise Content Management Solutions

Vanguard Systems is your complete source for enterprise content management, accounts payable systems, and other automation solutions.  We provide you with the necessary programs and applications that streamline your business and give your managers an easy method for monitoring and tracking every task.

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Accounts Payable Automation

Accounts Payable can be a tedious, manual process that takes up valuable hours of time. Our AP Automation software makes data input & invoice filing easy, freeing your team up to work on more important tasks.

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Form Software

Streamline crucial business processes by automating your form generation process. Our system allows you to create, fill out, and process forms more easily, and eliminates the need for pre-printing.

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Why Vanguard?

For over 30 years, Vanguard Systems has been providing software solutions to boost a wide variety of businesses in industries ranging from Manufacturing and Distribution to insurance and financial institutions, to retail, government and beyond. Our compatibility with operating systems from technology giants such as IBM and Microsoft allow Vanguard software to integrate with multiple business applications in any number of different environments.

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Guide To Automating Your Business

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Accounts Payable Automation

Our AP Automation software makes data input & invoice filing easy, freeing your team up to work on more important tasks.

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Business Process and Workflow Automation

As we approach the final years of the decade, automating business processes has never been more popular.

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Accounts Receivable Automation

Reduce days sales outstanding & cut time from the invoice to payment without extra effort from your team.

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Make Your Business Systems Run Smoother

There are other companies that offer enterprise content management solutions, although none can bring the kind of value that Vanguard Systems offers to your business — advantages such as:

Comprehensive Solutions:

Because of our versatility, Vanguard Systems is the only company you need for all your ECM and workflow automation efforts, further streamlining the process, as you only have to partner with one highly responsive company to make sure all your automation is running smoothly at all times.

Business-Friendly Systems:

Vanguard systems software are the result of collaboration between real businesspeople and programmers, so our products are built by people who understand the needs of today’s businesses. They’re designed to be easily understood and implemented by businesspeople. You don’t need a separate team of tech experts to run our software.

Economical Alternatives:

Our software is designed to help all businesses succeed, by providing you with high performance at a reasonable price. At Vanguard Systems, we charge a low 15% annual support fee, vs. many other companies who charge anywhere from 18-22%. Our system is designed to protect and scale to your platform for one price, with no surprise fees or cost overruns. You will also receive complete technical support, for up to 25% less than what other companies might charge.

Our software helps you guard against all threats, most importantly inefficiency, non-compliance, and security. We help you be proactive against these threats by always seeking new solutions and services that ensure your maintenance dollars go back into your business. This improves your bottom line and increases your overall ROI through improved business processes and great customer service.

Contact Vanguard Systems Today

If you’re ready to move from an inefficient paper system to a complete and easy Enterprise Content Management Solution, there’s no time like now to start. Contact Vanguard Systems in Aston, PA online today or give us a call at (610) 891-7703 for a completely free, no-obligation demo of our services, to help you decide which of our software systems are right for you. We’re sure that as soon as you start to implement some of our solutions, you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

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