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A major challenge facing organizations today is not only the means of collecting and distributing their content but more importantly understanding how to best leverage its inherent value.  The IMS-21 enterprise document management solution supports a comprehensive strategy. This electronic document management software helps organizations reduce cost, improve communication, manage compliance, provide you with workflow management tools, includes document archiving options, and improve customer service all while streamlining workflow processes.

IMS-21 provides Scanning, Archiving, Storage, Workflow Approval, Backup and Retrieval of documents, thereby improving office productivity and boosting the organization’s bottom line. An IMS-21 solution links document images, faxes, system-generated reports, MS Windows documents, and PC graphics to all of your existing applications. This electronic document management software’s document archiving and workflow management tools to change the way you work.

“Smart Panels” technology initiates the document-to-application linking process, which can be accomplished without the assistance of a programmer. An administrator connects business-application screens (“panels”) to images with an index of key data fields. The system’s document-display facility allows anyone using that application to call up the document image by pressing a single key or a mouse click.


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Growth Without Adding Administrative FTE's

“We went from $12 million in sales to $30 million per year without adding any administrative or accounting staff.”

- Alan Sands - VP and CFO Ascot Industries Inc.

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