The only system that affordably streamlines your workflow as it defends your security

  • Platform agnostic: Works anywhere
  • Scan, Store & Retrieve
  • Automate Workflow Applications
  • Create Business Forms
  • Extract Business-critical Data
  • Reduce Cost/Grow Bottom Line
  • Any inbound documentation
  • System-generated Business Forms
    • Invoices
    • Statements
    • Purchase Orders
    • Financial Reports (burst and archive reports based on index value)
  • HR Files
  • Contracts
  • Vendor/Client documents, W-9, tax exemption, D&B Reports, etc.
  • Shipping and Receiving / POD documentation
  • Automatic Ingestion of POD’s from handheld devices
  • Product Documentation, Specifications or MSDS sheets
  • Fixed Asset Content
  • Marketing Materials

Vanguard ECM is the only document management system that quickly adapts and protects your business, streamlining your time and labor costs while increasing accuracy and profitability.

Everything from forms design and workflow to data extraction solutions, Vanguard serves you information instantly, anywhere across your enterprise. Almost every industry employs Vanguard’s ECM system, allowing instant access to documents directly from core accounting/ERP application screens. No more hunting through filing cabinets, colleagues’ desks or email boxes.

Vanguard’s platform-agnostic solutions integrate reliably and quickly with any business application on any platform.

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