Time to replace IBM Advanced Function Printing Utilities

Time to replace IBM Advanced Function Printing Utilities

If you haven’t already heard, IBM’s Advanced Function Printing Utilities (AFP) is being discontinued in IBM i 7.3. This means that you’ll no longer be able to use IBM’s AFP Utilities to create and edit your AFP forms after you upgrade to 7.3. Many companies have relied on AFP’s electronic design tools for years and are concerned about losing this functionality. There’s also the investment in AFP printers to consider, since printing AFP documents requires AFP-compatible printers. 

vanguard-forms-and-ecm700x400The good news is that Vanguard provides an easy alternative to IBM’s Advanced Function Printing Utilities (5770-AF1). You can quickly replace AFP while modernizing your documents. This will allow you to continue the use of AFP-compatible printers. Vanguard’s solutions can even extended into improving your workflow processes by distributing documents as PDF via email, while simultaneously archiving these forms with scanned and imported documents in a paperless Electronic Content Management environment. 

Vanguard has the future of forms in the 21st century available today with a “Go Mobile” solution for Shipping and Proof of Delivery (packing slips, shipping documents, etc.) using Vanguard’s eMobile Application.

With Vanguard’s eSign module, you can create documents that incorporate electronic signatures and data capture to eliminate paper forms. Documents related to employee benefits, human resources, credit processing, order processing and quotes all are great examples of what’s possible with Vanguard’s eSign module.

Replace your AFP today and make your organization paperless tomorrow.

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